The Bay Area is home to many popular nightclubs and bars. While they all have something special to offer, 19 Broadway is one of the best Bay Area nightclubs in Fairfax. It’s the place to go in Fairfax CA for a fun night on the town.19 Broadway live music night club

Top 5 Reasons to Choose 19 Broadway in Fairfax

1. Live Music Genres

Unlike some dance clubs which focus primarily on one type of music or another, 19 Broadway welcomes a diverse range of music genres. Many of our happy dancers have discovered new bands and new music styles while out on the town and come back to see them multiple times. And our extra large dance area means you have more space to move and groove than other nightclubs in the Bay Area.

We’re passionate about supporting local artists and providing dance-worthy live music 7-nights a week. Great music revitalizes body and soul and the right place to hang out with friends enjoying a cocktail and dancing to live music can make any day better.

2. Bar and Night Life in Fairfax

When you go out with friends for a night on the town, the last thing you want to do is wait in line for a drink. At 19 Broadway, we understand the importance of keeping the bar line moving and the alcohol flowing. That’s why we have two bars. Each one is staffed by friendly and knowledgeable bartenders who want you to have the best night out possible.

3. Private Party Location in Fairfax

Whether you’re hosting a small party or a huge gala, our facility has space and amenities you need to have the most rockin’ event in town. We can accommodate up to 300 people and with a built-in stage, two full bars, a dance floor, and state of the art sound and light systems, your event is sure to be a success.

Giving back to the community is important, too. Each year we help host dozens of benefits to support individuals in need and other worthy causes. At every private event, our fabulous team provides you with everything you need to ensure all your guests have fun and, in the case of benefits, that you raise lots of money.

4. Book Online

We love supporting local bands. Everything from dance-hall, roots, blues, funk, rock, soul, and jazz to Americana and international rhythms are welcome at 19 Broadway. Getting your band a live music gig is easy with our book online tool. Once booked, we’re dedicated to making your show a success. While we trust you to engage in your own promotional and marketing efforts, we’re happy to assist you as best we can. And your show will also appear on our calendar. As you know, the more exposure your band gets, the better, so consider booking a show with us to expand your fan base.

5. Location, Location, Location

Our Fairfax location is in the heart of the nightlife and just 14 miles from San Francisco, it’s the perfect spot for a night out in the Bay Area. Our roots date back to 1921 when our doors first opened as the Fairfax Hotel & Restaurant. During the Prohibition Era, a speakeasy with slot machines in the back occupied the top floor. Our dedication to fun has deep roots.

In 1929, Bella Celoni purchased the hotel and opened a restaurant downstairs in what is now our MYX Lounge. After World War II, the restaurant was closed and a liquor store and bar were opened in its place. Our current street address is actually 17 Broadway, which is where Tony Tetroni built a bar in 1940.

Many of our regulars have been coming since 1979 when the name was changed to Tucker’s Tavern and featured softball, darts, and pool teams as a few of the fun activities. Our current “music every night” policy started in 1984 and we doubled in size in 2001 by taking over space previously occupied by the liquor store.

Our dedication to fun and entertainment has been a tradition since the building was first erected and will continue through this century. Come see us in Fairfax for live music and great drinks 7-nights a week!