Points North
When we’re working on an album, before we go into the studio we really like to have the opportunity to try out new songs in a live setting. With our second record, we played a “CD Preview Show” here at 19 Broadway in Fairfax, and we were thrilled- with both the amazing show, and how the CD came together. So we figured, why mess with a good thing, let’s do it again! So it’s our honor to announce our “New Tracks & Deep Cuts” CD preview show – a special set full of new songs, and deep ones from the catalog that we rarely play (or in some cases, have never played). Who hasn’t dreamed of a classic rock band releasing one more perfect record at the peak of their creative powers?

Spearheaded by guitarist Eric Barnett (Guitar Player Magazine’s national Guitar Superstar Competition Finalist), drummer Kevin Aiello and renowned bassist Uriah Duffy (Fantastic Negrito, Steve Stevens Band, ex-Whitesnake, and more), Magna Carta Recording artist Points North stands on the shoulders of iconic bands such as The Police, Rush and Dixie Dregs, but clearly cut their own artistic path. Simply put, Points North is a leading light of modern instrumental guitar music, single-handedly helping to revitalize the genre through their technical prowess, superior musicality and compositional skills.

Phantom Power
Phantom Power, a new San Francisco supergroup! Featuring:
Josh Zee – (Guitar/Vocals) Josh has released several major and independent label albums as the singer/songwriter for Bay Area groups, The Mother Truckers and Protein among others. He has toured extensively throughout the U.S., Europe and Japan and has also been written up in numerous national publications including, Guitar Player Magazine, Thrasher Magazine, and many more.
Jonnie Axtell – (Guiar/Vocals) Jonnie has been surfing the music wave since 1986 when he formed the Bay Area band Psychefunkapus. The band made two albums for Atlantic Records, and had their video on regular rotation on MTV. He then continued to make a name for himself as a music veteran in many local San Francisco bands, including the official SF production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist for the entire 106 show run. 
Amir Zitro – (Bass) A former student of Joe Satriani, Amir has been fortunate enough to play with many great local musicians. He has deep roots in funk, soul and hard rock. He has toured nationally and internationally and is known locally for his work with Alex Skolnik’s Exhibit A, Sourpuss and The Kehoe Nation, as well as stand-in work with Flipsyde, Bang Data, Corrine West, Cat McLean, Vortex Tribe and Gennaro’s Wax Trio.
Joaquin Spengemann – (Drums) Joaquin is a hard-hitting Bay Area legend, who has played with such acts as The Bluchunks, Walrus, Hellworms, Kehoe Nation, and Three Agents. He’s an Aquarius who specializes in solo-synchronized swimming. he likes altitude and smooth pavement and dislikes dentists and leaf blowers.

Damon Le Gall
The Damon Le Gall band is a guitar/drumms/bass trio with a unique sound of bluesy, progressive guitar rock. DLB plays many creative originals as well as various blues standards and classic rock covers.