The Boombox is a band comprised of some of the finest live and studio musicians in San Francisco Bay Area. First The Boombox delivers a high energy show of dance and rock classics that span the decades and THEN they drink you under the bar.

Miles Schon (guitar) is a talented musician and songwriter who hails from a rich background in rock-n-roll. Miles mercilessly shreds at guitar!!! Face melting has never been so fun!

Teal Collins (vocals/guitar) is a vocal powerhouse who has released 4 albums, toured the US and Europe extensively with her original band The Mother Truckers and had her songs featured in TV and film. She is a Taurus, and enjoys matchbook collecting, and vikings.

Greg Zema (vocal) Greg has performed with many acts such as Mustache Harbor and Notorious. He is an accomplished pianist and guitarist as well.

Benjamine Levine (Bass/vocal) Bass player extraordinaire Ben brings vibrance enthusiasm and usually at least one rabbits’ foot to the show.