Driven by a love for music and bolstered by captivating and sonically robust original songs, Bay Area rock quartet SunHunter began its journey in 2014.

Hailing from Mill Valley, founder and lead songwriter Tomas Dessle (guitar, lead vocals) has joined forces with local musicians Jackson Langford (guitar, vocals) Sammie Fischer (bass) and Alex Coltharp (drums) to form a tight-knit sound: always melodic, often heavy, and unmistakably catchy.
SunHunter can be found at venues, festivals, and studios around the bay, always honing their craft and fostering a deep connection with their community. Their music is evocative of psychedelic sunsets on lonely beaches or of finding oneself in the darkest, seediest alleys of San Francisco. Power anthems for hopeful but broken hearts, and of the ardor and tumult of profound life experience and hard living.

The release of their first single “Echo” and an accompanying music video in late 2016 brought SunHunter significant local exposure, backed by a diverse catalogue with the power to energize, inspire, and move, lodging itself in your head and heart.