Our team is passionate about bringing great live music to the bay area seven nights a week and providing a friendly, positive environment to have a great cocktail and hang with friends. We believe that great music “recharges the battery” and enhances people’s lives. So, we do what we do to bring more happiness into people’s lives and get people smiling and dancing.


We also do what we do to support local musicians and the arts. We have had multiple bands over our 30 years of live music that have started at our club and gone on to become well known and popular. We have helped support musicians and nurture the talents that they have in many ways. We have also been dedicated to having fundraisers and benefits for many local causes and people in need.


This club is how we give back to our customers, our musicians and the community at large and help make a difference in many people’s lives.


We love our community and believe in giving back and supporting it. We have done dozens of benefits in the last year and raised thousands of dollars for individuals in need and worthy causes.


If you are interested in inquiring about a benefit please contact us